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Better than Patron Pal, cheaper than Preferred Patron, and now half-priced!

The easiest and most cost-effective solution to profit from gift and loyalty cards is now available for 34% less. What normally is $450, now is only $299. But it is for a limited time. Don’t wait, this offer is going to end.

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Welcome to Gåva Systems
cost efficent gift card system
The most cost effective and easiest way to implement and profit from a gift card and loyalty program for one to multiple stores - locally or across the globe.

Gåva, pronounced go'-va (rhymes with nova) the Swedish word for gift precisely encompasses our product lines. Our focus at Gåva is to develop creative, useful and economical gift card software with the business person in mind. We think you will agree that working with Gåva’s staff and products is a real “gift”
Gava is the Swedish word for gift
What Gåva Systems Has To Offer...
  • Limited Investment-Full Control Flexible pricing gives you the ability to implement and grow your gift/loyalty card program as your business grows giving you the ultimate control over your costs.

  • No transaction fees PERIOD! Unlike your credit card program Gåva will never charge you a swipe or discount fee. And you have complete control over all funds. You never need to wait for a deposit or need to bother with chargebacks.

  • No special equipment. Gåva makes it easy to get up and running on your existing PC or MAC computer. Mag stripe and bar code readers – no problem – just plug and play.

  • No contracts You are never locked into Gåva with a contract and your data, customer balances and points remains yours at all times.

  • Gift and loyalty or both – the choice is yours You have the freedom to build your program around your needs. Gåva let’s you build out the perfect gift or loyalty program (or both) on your schedule. Use one card for both and save on card printing or create a custom card for each type of program. The choice is always yours.

  • Flexible reporting Have access to the reports you need in real-time from any Internet connected computer. View a single store or multiple stores with ease quickly giving you the data you need to increase your business and adapt your program to the needs of your customers.

  • Customer Tools Gåva provides you with a complete set of tool to make your program stand out. Our Online Balance check easily integrates right into your current website and our Online Control Panel gives you access to your information from any computer.

  • Help when you need it Gåva is there when you need us to be. With support available 24/7 – Gåva has your back while other providers are closed.

Single Store Gift System

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  • Start generating revenue from gift card sales in minutues
  • One low fee regardless of how many transactions
  • Easy for employees to learn and simple to use
  • 24-hour support answers every question

Multiple Store Gift System

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  • Expand in minutues to an unlimited number of stores
  • Real-time transactions updates across the enterprise
  • Simple online control manages the entire program
  • Bank-level encryption protects data

UniverSell Building Blocks

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  • Flexible processing tools to create your own solutions
  • Accomplish more without the cost of custom development

Custom Gift Cards & Hardware

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  • 30% off custom gift cards with purchase
  • Guaranteed compatible hardware

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(888) 547-7419
Gift Card Support
(202) 332-9468

Gåva Systems is backed by great customer service! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns 24/7. Learn more about our
gift card company

  • Around two-thirds of American consumers have purchased at least one gift card.
  • 55% of gift card recipients require more than one shopping trip to spend the balance of their card.
  • The average gift card user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card.
  • Birthdays are the most popular occasion to buy a gift card
  • 81% of consumers purchasing gift cards for a birthday
  • 67% of consumers purchase gift cards for other holidays
Growth in Gift Card Sales
"There simply isn't a more effective gift and loyalty card program in the market today"
-Todd Ruopp, President, Unleashing Performance